2-9 MCCB intelligent reclosing circuit breaker time delay detection equipment

Short Description:

System features: cloud computing, RS485 communication, Modbus RTU communication protocol, multi specification mixed production, automation, informatization, modularization, customization, visualization, one button switching, and remote maintenance design concepts are adopted.
Equipment functions: the number of stations can be customized, bar code identification, 63A~800A compatibility, defective product display, current accuracy ± 1%, current can be set at will, current can be read automatically, current can be adjusted automatically, tripping time can be set at will, parameter can be formulated at will, automatic statistical qualification rate, total production quantity, qualified product quantity, unqualified product quantity, advanced tripping data, delayed tripping data, OEE data analysis, automatic temperature monitoring Automatic pressure monitoring, fault alarm type, fault alarm history, automatic fault shutdown, online monitoring, real-time monitoring, quality traceability, component life monitoring, data collection, data storage, data printing, network remote monitoring, wireless startup, GPRS/GSM network remote server data collection and centralized management, intelligent energy analysis and energy conservation management system, intelligent equipment service big data cloud platform and other functions.
Equipment parameters:
1. Equipment input voltage 380V ± 10%, 50Hz; ±1Hz;
2. Different shell frame products and different models can be switched manually or by one key or scanning code; Switching between products of different specifications requires manual replacement/adjustment of the mold or fixture.
3. Detection and test mode: manual clamping and automatic detection.
4. The equipment test fixture can be customized according to the product model.
5. The equipment has alarm display functions such as fault alarm and pressure monitoring.
6. There are two operating systems: Chinese version and English version.
7. All core accessories are imported from Italy, Sweden, Germany, Japan, the United States, Taiwan, China and other countries and regions.
8. The equipment can be equipped with Smart Energy Analysis and Energy Conservation Management System, Smart Equipment Service Big Data Cloud Platform and other functions.
9. It has independent intellectual property rights.

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