4-4 Time controlled switch automatic laser marking equipment

Short Description:

System features:
The design concept of multi specification mixed production, automation, informatization, modularization, flexibility, customization, visualization, one key switching and remote maintenance is adopted.
Equipment function:
It has the functions of online monitoring, real-time monitoring, quality traceability, barcode identification, life monitoring of key components, data storage, networking of MES system and ERP system, arbitrary formula of parameters, intelligent energy analysis and energy conservation management system, intelligent equipment service big data cloud platform, etc.
Equipment parameters:
1. Equipment input voltage 220V/380V ± 10%, 50Hz; ±1Hz;
2. Number of compatible poles: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P, 5P
3. Equipment production rhythm: 1s/pole, 1.2s/pole, 1.5s/pole, 2s/pole, 3s/pole; Five different specifications of equipment.
4. For the same shell shelf product, different poles can be switched with one key; Different shell frame products require manual replacement of molds or fixtures.
5. The equipment fixture can be customized according to the product model.
6. Laser parameters can be stored in the control system and automatically called for marking; The marking QR code parameters can be set arbitrarily, generally ≤ 24 bits.
7. The equipment has alarm display functions such as fault alarm and pressure monitoring.
8. There are two operating systems: Chinese version and English version.
9. All core accessories are imported from Italy, Sweden, Germany, Japan, the United States, Taiwan and other countries and regions.
10. The equipment can be equipped with Smart Energy Analysis and Energy Conservation Management System, Smart Equipment Service Big Data Cloud Platform and other functions.
11. It has independent intellectual property rights (patent No. ZL2014201220814.8, ZL201420122548.4, ZL2014201225550.1、ZL201420098349.9、ZL201430038882.1)

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