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Introduction to industrial automation

ustrial automation is machine equipment or production process in the case of direct manual intervention, according to the expected goal to achieve measurement, manipulation and other information processing and process control collectively. Automation technology is to explore and study the methods and techniques to realize the automation process. It is involved in machinery, microelectronics, computer, machine vision and other technical fields of a comprehensive technology. The industrial revolution was the midwife of automation. It was because of the need of the industrial revolution that automation broke out of its shell and flourished. At the same time, automation technology has also promoted the progress of industry, automation technology has been widely used in machinery manufacturing, power, construction, transportation, information technology and other fields, become the main means to improve labor productivity.

Industrial automation is one of the important preconditions for Germany to start industry 4.0, mainly in the field of mechanical manufacturing and electrical engineering. The "embedded system", which is widely used in Germany and international manufacturing industry, is a special computer system designed for a specific application, in which mechanical or electrical components are fully embedded into the controlled device. The market for such "embedded systems" is estimated to be worth 20 billion euros a year, rising to 40 billion euros by 2020.

With the development of control technology, computer, communication, network and other technologies, the field of information interaction and communication is rapidly covering all levels from the factory site equipment layer to control and management. Industrial control machine system generally refers to the industrial production process and its mechanical and electrical equipment, process equipment for measurement and control of automation technology tools (including automatic measurement instruments, control devices). Today, the simplest understanding of automation is the partial or complete replacement or transcendance of human physical power by machines in a broad sense (including computers).

Post time: Jul-24-2021