ACB Automated Assembly and Testing Flexible Production Line

Short Description:

System Features:

Embrace diverse criteria integrated manufacturing, mechanization, digitalization, componentization, adaptability, personalized, display, effortless transition, remote upkeep layout, preliminary alert notice, assessment record, information gathering and handling, worldwide monitoring management, and machinery life cycle management, etc.

Device function:

It has assembly, screw locking, two-dimensional code labeling, mechanical running-in, comprehensive detection, overvoltage and undervoltage detection, action time, instantaneous/delay detection, high voltage resistance detection, loop resistance detection, appearance detection, automatic unloading, packaging, coding Assembly, online detection, real-time monitoring, quality traceability, barcode recognition, component life monitoring, data storage, MES system and ERP system networking, parameter arbitrary formula, smart energy analysis and energy-saving management for palletizing, AGV logistics, material shortage alarm and other processes System, intelligent equipment service big data cloud platform and other functions.

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  • 1. Equipment input voltage 380V±10%, 50Hz;±1Hz;

    2. Compatible equipment: 3 poles, 4 poles of drawer type and fixed series products or customized according to customer requirements.

    3. Equipment production tempo: 7.5 minutes/set and 10 minutes/set can be optional.

    4. In the case of identical frame products, one button or code scanning can alter the count of poles; while for various frame products, molds or tools need to be manually substituted.

    5. The assembly technique offers the choice between manual and automated assembly.

    6. The equipment’s fixture can be tailored to match the product model.

    7. The device includes alarm display features like fault alert and pressure surveillance.

    8. Dual operating systems available: Chinese and English versions.

    9. All primary components are sourced from countries and regions including Italy, Sweden, Germany, Japan, the USA, and Taiwan.

    10. The equipment can possess functionalities like the “Intelligent Energy Analysis & Energy Conservation Management System” and “Smart Equipment Service Big Data Cloud Platform”.

    11. It possesses autonomous intellectual property rights.

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