Enterprise culture

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The running of the dragon mission

Leading the development of the industry to promote industrial progress to improve the quality of life

Ben long market view

Markets are created

The market can be without the enterprise, but the enterprise can not be without the market, and the market is from the customer's favor. The existence of Benlong is the process of pursuing adult achievement, becoming a person, and helping customers to achieve success. Benlong people not only pursue the economic benefits of the enterprise, but also realize the success of customers and reflect the social value. At the same time of meeting the market, we should be good at using new technology, new products to create market, good at exploring the potential needs of customers, only dare to be the first, continuous innovation, in order to create a bigger successful market, to achieve greater market success.

Benlong's moral values are integrity, loyalty and righteousness

The pursuit of noble sentiment and quality, to treat people with integrity, to focus on work, pay attention to national integrity, by the great righteousness. Integrity is the foundation of people, integrity is the root of business, integrity is the cornerstone of our strong brand.

"Serving the country through industry" is the sacred mission given to us by history, and it is the unremitting pursuit of running Dragon people. Running Dragon can only obtain greater economic and social benefits by taking the rejuvenation of the nation as its own responsibility with a big mind.

The core slogan of Benlong is to pursue success and enjoy the process

Success is the unremitting pursuit of every running dragon, we are in the pursuit of one after another success in the process of development and growth, the pursuit of success is our dedication and responsibility for the cause, the pursuit of success is our persistent belief. It is this kind of unremitting pursuit for success that fills us with passion and vitality, and contributes to benlong's continuous development of keng Qiong sound and striving spirit of innovation and transcendance.

Success is worth celebrating, but entrepreneurs to create success of the extraordinary days and nights, extraordinary twists and hardships, is full of endless aftertaste. We desire the success of the brilliant, but more adept at enjoying the entrepreneurial process. "Enjoy the process" is an extremely persistent and free and easy state of mind, is seemingly ordinary but great perception. We enjoy the hard exploration with ordinary mentality, resolutely step, not surprised, poor persistence.

The pursuit of success and the enjoyment of the process are the concrete embodiment of our outlook on life and career, and the high concise of benlong people's lofty ambition, strong will, steadfast action and outstanding personality.

Ben long talent view has the virtue side is the talent

Employees are the precious resources of Benlong. Benlong is not only good at discovering talents, but also good at cultivating talents -- to make them become the pillars of Benlong, to use talents, to achieve talents, to really make the best use of talents, and to regard talents as the wealth of Benlong.

Benlong pays more attention to the cultivation and development of employees' personal ability, and pays more attention to the improvement of employees' ideological cultivation, and takes "virtue" as an important standard to measure employees -- those who have both political integrity and ability should be given reuse, those who have virtue but no talent should be given small use, and those without virtue and talent should never be used. To this end, we are committed to create the vibrant and harmonious working environment, pay attention to personnel in the "DE" and "only" two-sided and growth of education, education, make the staff continue to position themselves, beyond themselves, improve themselves in the process of realize self-worth, make everyone happy all can, to the employee's career with the development of the running of the dragon. It emphasizes the cooperation, knowledge sharing, mutual encouragement, continuous improvement of their own quality, gathering excellent talents, and promoting the sustainable development of Benlong Company.

Benlong's business policy is that demand is product, innovation is value

Demand is product - customer demand is our product. Customers are groups with different consumer needs. Different customers have different needs. We should keep in mind the needs and expectations of customers and provide products or services that meet customer needs through effective configuration of technology, production and service elements.

Innovation is value -- to increase the added value of products and technologies by innovation, emphasizing the high added value of products.

(1) Improve the added value of technological innovation in products;

(2) To improve the added value of marketing and service innovation in products;

(3) Improve the added value of the innovation of corporate culture or brand culture in products.

(4) to innovation to create differences, to meet the special needs of customers - means we by virtue of the advantages and management advantages, technology on the product performance, quality is better than the existing level of product on the market, or through special campaigns, flexible marketing means, and thoughtful service, in customers' mind set up a good image of different general.

In terms of quality, Benlong advocates the quality of precision - to meticulous quality, professional casting quality, always pursue better quality to win customers' satisfaction.