MCB parts automatic assembly unit

Short Description:

Automated assembly: capable of automatically completing the assembly of parts, including the steps of picking up, positioning, assembling and fixing of parts.
Efficient production: able to complete the assembly of parts at high speed and high efficiency, improving production efficiency and capacity.
Flexibility and adaptability: able to adapt to different specifications, shapes and sizes of parts, with a certain degree of flexibility and adaptability.
Quality control: able to monitor and inspect the assembly process to ensure the quality and accuracy of parts assembly.
Troubleshooting and maintenance: with troubleshooting function, it can find and eliminate equipment faults in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
Data acquisition and analysis: able to collect data of the assembly process and analyze them to provide a basis for the optimization of the production process.
Safety: with safety protection devices to ensure the safety of operators and equipment.
These functions make the parts automatic assembly equipment can play an important role in industrial production, improve production efficiency, reduce costs and improve product quality.

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  • 1. The input voltage of the equipment adopts a three-phase five wire system of 380V ± 10%, 50Hz; ± 1Hz;
    2. Device compatibility poles: 1P, 2P, 3P, 4P, 1P+module, 2P+module, 3P+module, 4P+module.
    3. Equipment production rhythm or efficiency: 1 second/pole, 1.2 seconds/pole, 1.5 seconds/pole, 2 seconds/pole, 3 seconds/pole; Five different specifications of equipment, enterprises can choose different configurations based on different production capacities and investment budgets.
    4. The same shelf product can be switched between different poles with just one click or by scanning the code; Switching products requires manual replacement of molds or fixtures.
    5. Assembly methods: manual assembly, semi-automatic human-machine combination assembly, and automatic assembly can be freely selected.
    6. There are two types of defect detection methods: CCD visual detection or fiber optic sensor detection.
    7. The feeding method for assembly components is vibration disc feeding; Noise ≤ 80 decibels.
    8. The equipment fixtures can be customized according to the product model.
    9. The equipment has alarm display functions such as fault alarm and pressure monitoring.
    10. The device operating system adopts two versions, Chinese and English, with one click switching for convenience and speed.
    11. All core accessories are made from well-known corporate brands from different countries and regions such as Italy, Sweden, Germany, Japan, the United States, and Taiwan, which are ranked in the top ten globally.
    12. The functions of “Smart Energy Analysis and Energy Conservation Management System” and “Smart Equipment Service Big Data Cloud Platform” in equipment design can be selected and matched according to customer needs.
    13. Having independent and independent intellectual property rights

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